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Johnny Gonzales provides the Best and Finest guitar music for your Winter 2023 Wedding.
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A wedding song

Cool Winter 2023 weddings are here!
All of Your Wedding Musical Events Are Charted

From symphonic romance arrangements to casual cafe they are here.

Your Special Requests are awesome and of course, so welcomed.


We have your different tones from nylon classical to acoustic steel string for your precious wedding moment.

We Have Your Ultimate Wedding Ceremony Guitar
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Lets get your music the way you want it with Dallas Wedding Guitarist Johnny Gonzales . Do you already have a song in your heart? Then let’s do it!

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Your style has many choices and colors with Dallas Wedding Guitarist Johnny Gonzales . Need a rhumba version for that special interlude?

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Dallas Wedding Guitarist Johnny Gonzales will add or arrange any way you want it.

Customized and focused

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Great stylistic music

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Wedding music custom made

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